Do You Require Deck Repairs in Beaverton, Portland or Lake Oswego, OR

We’ll fix broken boards and railings so you can feel safe again

Do you feel safe when you stand on your deck? Do you notice boards that wobble or move when you walk across them? Do you notice stains that don’t dry? Legacy Decks and Fence LLC offers deck repairs to get your outdoor space feeling secure again. You want to be sure that weather and age haven’t done irreparable damage. Contact Legacy Decks and Fence LLC to get the deck repairs you need throughout Beaverton, Portland and Lake Oswego, Oregon.

5 signs you need deck repairs

While blemishes can be unsightly, they can usually be covered with new staining. However, there are times when the protective sealant has worn away and the wood is exposed to moisture and damage. There are various signs your deck needs repairs, including:

  1. Stains from moisture and rot
  2. Broken boards
  3. Loose screws or nails
  4. Signs of rot
  5. Weak connections
  6. Moving boards
  7. Structural damage

A deck contractor from Legacy Decks and Fence LLC will inspect your fence and determine if it needs repairs or a complete replacement. Call 971-246-3721 today to schedule a free estimate on deck repairs in the Beaverton, Portland and Lake Oswego, OR area.